Motion graphics are not just fantastic storytelling tools,  that blend the best of visual communication with music and sound design, because now they have evolved into powerful marketing instruments, that help share stories, reach new audiences and present messages in an engaging way.


    Script Development


    Whether you are making commercial, explanatory animation or another type of video the first and most important step is script writing. We would help you to craft a solid script that would form the foundation for a great video.



    When the script is ready it needs visual manifestation in the form of drawings displayed in sequence that frame and organize the motion graphic.

    Motion Graphics & Animation


    They could be still illustrations, kinetic typography, animated characters or gifs, they could have voiceover and theme music. Basically they are cartoons, but they are vital, because for your audience they are engaging, easy to comprehend pieces of content that evoke strong emotions and create connections between them and your brand.

    Post Production


    After the last frame is animated the process of post production begins. We will deal with the colors, the soundtrack, the visual effects and compositing. At this point we will prepare for you a “bundle” with every type of video format, size and resolution for you to use at your discretion.


    Brand Identity Systems


    Brand identity is a system of visible elements working together in unity, flexibility and consistency to convey the meaning and tone of your company that cannot be imparted through words alone. The system may include elements such as logo, typeface, color schemes, print, digital, environment design etc.



    In a connected world, this is the easiest way to reach an audience. We can help you determine what kind of experience it would be when someone interacts with your brand through virtual world. High resolution displays or the smallest phone screens, our websites smoothly adapts to all kinds of users



    Even when visual Identity is clearly recognized, the voice of the brand can be confusing or missing. With strong brand messaging we will enable you to put across to the public what you stand for and what they should expect from you. In turn this will allow you to Inspire them and create long lasting relationships.

    Marketing strategy


    How can people find you? Through social media? Printed publicity? Or TV commercial? We can translate your brand to all kinds of media and create a campaign strategy, that will amplify your voice on various touch points.



    The power of the brand comes from consistency. After finishing the design process we will create guidelines for your identity system, messaging, iconography, image usage and style, to ensure that everybody can apply assets correctly to your brand.


Branding is not something people see, it is a gut feeling about your organisation, product or service. Our job is to build a powerful strategy that expresses personality, values and image of your company, that both meets and exceeds your customer expectations.

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