Regina bar

Place between Chinatown and Little Italy

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A brand new place with unusual idea of mixing american flavours from Little Italy and Chinatown NY Regina needed to establish herself as the leader in the category of Casual Bar Restaurant and connect customers to her brand like no other had done it before. With restaurant open in Warsaw we created a fresh, modern brand rooted in New York City visual taste.

Regina Bar


Krystian Lipiec

Michał Matejko




Identity System

Packaging design


and Brand Collateral

The beginning

Regina Bar is the second place created of the duo Patrycja Jaskólska and Kamila Mroczkowska. After the success of MOD restaurant and such products as MOD donuts, it was time for something entirely different, a bar with comfort food and evening drinks. Out first step in this journey was to define what Regina Bar is and what it believes in.

Mood board

Brand definition

By defining brand we create a map which will help to make future decision without risking losing the essence of the brans and its character. After many meetings with the client and thorough strategic workshop, the story, style and voice of Regina emerged.

Brand collateral

Based on mood boards, workshop data and client’s ideas, the team started to work on visual identification, on the one hand reflecting New York aesthetics of Little Italy and Chinatown, and on the other emanate with femininity.

label design

embroidery on apron

Packaging design

Pizza is one of Regina’s specialties, therefore it was necessary to design boxes so that you can enjoy your pizza also outside the restaurant. Apart from that, universal boxes for takeaway orders as well as cold brew and lemonade bottle labels were created.


Additionally, a series of illustration inspired by traditional Chinese paintings was created for the drinks menu, featuring original Regina cocktails. Motive of illustrations inspired by Chinese art was also featured on several leaflet and poster designs.

Event posters

Regina as an unambiguous place, apart from being a restaurant and a bar, from time to time organizes parties attended by numerous artists. A different poster was created for each event, matching its range in style and subject.

Work in progress

Our cooperation with Regina is still ongoing, we are currently working on the website, catering offers and branded tableware.


Patrycja Jaskólska

“Until we started work with the Studio, we had problems finishing off the visuals and design concepts that we have. The Studio elevated our ideas and managed to give their inputs which fit seamlessly to the whole concept. They plays an important role in how the public view our restaurant.”

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